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Technical Consulting

How V2C Strategists, LLC Handles the Business of Technical Consulting

V2C Strategists, LLC, uses technical consulting to bring together business and engineering. With any small or big technical issue, we can help. In the beginning, when we take on a client, we analyze the company and its products to get a better understanding of how they operate. Once we learn how the business works daily, we assist the company throughout the organization, from the owners to the clients. If any of the employees are having difficulties, we can address the issues in a training session. Once we find the problem and address it in a training session, we stick with the employees to ensure the proper procedures are followed. We offer manuals, documentation, and brochures once the sessions are complete. Our clients are kept in the best care when it comes to knowledge and experience. Some of the departments we assist but are not limited to are information technology, sales, marketing, and construction engineering.

Geotechnical engineering is another service we perform for our customers. Another name for geotechnical engineering is geotechnics. It covers anything that has to do with the materials that come from the earth. Many other scientific techniques go into geotechnical engineering. We use it for the military, petroleum, mining, the ocean, and the coast. When it comes to construction, we must know when and how much of the earth's minerals to take. Another issue to keep in mind is it keeps the workers safe. The workers have to know when and where to perform the construction projects, whether in the soil, ocean, or rock. Everything and every step is highly investigated on the surface and beneath. We also handle the retaining structures such as dams, landfills, embankments, tunnels, foundations, and any other earthwork structure. As the work must get done, we ensure the stability is there for safety and to lessen damages caused by natural disasters.

Geo-construction is now the heart of architecture. With today's technology, geo-construction is building the future of everything to make it last a lifetime plus. There is a growing industry that is booming when it comes to cities and growing metropolitans. People are moving into cities at an alarming rate, and geo-construction is the source used to keep up with the growing population's high demand. BIM and 3-D modeling are used to save time and money on the projects of infrastructure. A digital landscape is modeled to offer risk analysis, give the most accurate measurements, and projection costs before the ground is broken. There are excellent advantages to geo-construction. When urban planning takes place, it has become more challenging to develop. With geo-construction, and all the software and technology, it makes lives much more manageable when dealing with these complex structures. The population is difficult to keep up with over time as the numbers continue to skyrocket.

Civil geo-structural design is the second oldest form of engineering to what the military performs in engineering. It deals with the creation of maintenance and construction of the natural and physically built environment. Examples are found everywhere in society, such as pipelines, sewage, drainage systems, highways, dams, bridges, airports, and roadways. There are different categories in civil geo-structural design. Coastal engineers design and construct levees, dams, storm surge barriers, harbors, ports, and other construction forms to stop erosion and flooding. Environmental engineers will specialize in facilities to treat biological, chemical, or thermal wastes. Geotechnical engineers will analyze the soil to ensure a safe foundation and the reliability of supporting the walls and entire buildings. Everything in civil geo-structural design ensures the structure can hold its own from the foundation to the roof. It also goes into depth about what may affect the building and if it can withstand a disaster.

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